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TriCities RC Racing News


The Bob & Ann Hatfield West Virginia Memorial State Race is just one week away.  Racers will come from all over to attend the penultimate round of the 2014 season in attempts to sit a top the podium for TCRC's biggest race of the year.  Recent configuration changes to the circuit have made it even faster & more competitive than before.  Last but not least, many sponsors have donated to the event, but the most prestigious prize of all is none other than the original AE RC 10 "Worlds Car".  We will see you at the track.




Due to high amounts of rain over the past few days the track reconfiguration has not been completed.  With more rain expected tomorrow we will not be racing.


From Pete Freeman:  "Ok, I contacted the manager at the Super 8 Motel here on 16th St. Rd in Huntington, this hotel is right off I-64 and about 5 miles from TCRC, The manager has agreed to block off 20 double queen bed rooms for a discounted rate. You can check in as early as Friday the 19th of September, and check out as late as Sunday the 21st at the discounted rate. The rate they quoted will be $73.95 a night. Reservations must be made No Later Than September 6th or the un-reserved rooms will go to the regular price. If you make a reservation, just let them know you are attending the 2014 WV State Championship race at Tri-Cities RC raceway. Any questions, feel free to contact me or call the hotel. Here is the hotel info: Phone 1-304-525-1410, address is 3090 16th St. Rd, Huntington WV, 25701"


Overhead coverage provided by Jon Johnson



Next big race of the season at 2014 TCRC Circuit, "The Brawl For It All".  Dont miss it.  See details below.





TCRC's 2014 "King Of The Hillbillies" was a great success with the new victors crowned.  An unexpected 85+ entries showed up to the 2014 TCRC Circuit to do battle across 8 classes.  Special shoutout to Mike Workman who withdrew his #9 Kyosho from competition to be race director keeping the program running fast throughout the event.  Many other volunteers pitched in and helped make this years "King Of The Hillbillies" race the best yet.  Its not an easy task to produce and run these larger club based events, but a positive community of select racers just make it happen. Thanks guys/gals.


Winners Circle






Dont miss TCRC's first trophy race of the 2014 season!  See details below.





TCRC Racing's outdoor track schedule is now available (including rain dates for trophy races)...look at the Schedule section for details.  Also, the points series has taken on a new, easier to understand format...checkout the Points section for details.



TCRC Racing's outdoor track schedule is now available (including rain dates for trophy races)...look at the Schedule section for details.  Also, the points series has taken on a new, easier to understand format...checkout the Points section for details.



TCRC Racing's Indoor track address:  Kyova Mall (track is beside SEARS), 10693 US 60W, Ashland KY, 41102.



Starting this week at the indoor track in the Kyova Mall, we will have practice on Tuesday and Thursday nights. From 5:30 - 9:00. There will be a $5.00 practice fee. If you practice you will get $5.00 off your entry for that Saturdays race.



Indoor Class Rules:

The track will be changed from oval to road course every 30min.
1/10 pan car - 17.5 motor, 1cell lipo NASCAR bodies, foams, no wings but can run a spoiler
Legends - Spec Legend motor, spec gear ratio, spec tires, spec in NiCad 4 cell battery or 1cell lipo
Touring Car Oval - 17.5 motor, 2 cell lipo, touring car body, foams
Mini late models / Mini Spints - 4200 kv motor limit, 2 cell lipo
Tamyia M Chassis - stock motor and esc
F1 - 21.5 motor, 2 cell lipo
1/12 scale - 17.5 motor, 1 cell lipo
Touring Car Road - 17.5 motor, 2 cell lipo
Mini Offroad - 4200 kv limit, 2 cell lipo

Rules are subject to change as classes expand. We will do our best to keep rules consistent and fair.



TCRC Racing will not be holding offroad events again until Spring 2014, but will be racing indoor throughout the winter at Kyova Mall.  Scheduling is currently under review, but hope to have first official onroad race November 2nd.


Well, the official season at TCRC 2013 Circuit is over.  Great times were had throughout the season as well as fierce battles. This has been the best season in recent TCRC history.  A mind blowing 55,000 laps (approximately 6,000 miles) were completed by 189 unique car entries in the 2WD SCT, 4WD SCT, 1/8 Nitro Buggy, and the fast growing 1/8 eBuggy class.


Congratulations to the 2013 TCRC Champions



Class Champion Pro 2WD SCT - Jaymz Mynes (Nitrohouse, VP Pro USA)

2nd Place - Tim Gray (TeamC-TE, Speedzone Batteries, Nitrohouse, Dualsky ESC, Evohobbies)

3rd Place - Tim Stollings (Not pictured but great racer)



Class Champion Pro 4WD SCT - Daniel Holloway (Panther, DE Racing, Upgrade RC)

2nd Place - Tom Mainella

3rd Place - Wes Mills



Class Champion 1/8th Nitro Buggy - Greg Bird (West Virginia Hobbies)

2nd Place - Mike Workman

3rd Place - Derrick Osborne





Class Champion 1/8th eBuggy - Tim Gray (TeamC T8E-2, Speedzone Batteries, Nitrohouse, Dualsky ESC)

2nd Place - Tim Stollings

3rd Place - Jon Johnson


By overwhelming request, despite the official season being over racing will continue so continue to check the  forums and website for information.  TCRC Onroad season is also around the corner so watch for that as well.


Thanks to all for a great offroad season!


The 2013 Bob & Ann Hatfield West Virginia Memorial State Race is in the books & had entries from Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia, and West Virginia. Saturdays rain put a big damper on racers plan, but with a massive amount of volunteer help the race was run on its rain date Sunday with no problems. Congratulations to all the winners.


With imminent threat of rain for Saturday the WV State Championship Race has been postponed until Sunday 22nd...start time 11AM.



Congratulations to David Osborne on his P1 finish in 1/8th scale nitro buggy at TCRC's "Brawl For It All"

Link to Neobuggy article






Come join us for TCRC's biggest event, The West Viriginia Memorial State Race.  It will take place on the 21st of September this year.  The memorial addition to the State Race Title is in regards to our lost racer and long time members, Bob and Ann Hatfield. 




Local 4WD SCT racer gets in the limelight over "Brawl For It All Win"

Daniel Holloway leads Panther to victory at the TCRC "Brawl For It All"


The Brawl For It All was no race to miss out on.  Racers from West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio came together to battle for the top of the podium.  This race did not disappoint.  If you missed it check out the photos below courtesy of Bryant Reynolds.




Ready to brawl?  Come join us for TCRC Racing's annual "Brawl For It All" starting at high noon on July 27th.


Note:  Our rain date for this event will be Sunday, July 28th.  If the 27th and 28th are cancelled, then the following Saturday will be used for this event.




The track and surrounding area are pretty wet from all the rain we have gotten over the past week.  It would be raceable if it doesnt rain tonight or any tomorrow.  Unfortunately we cannot guarantee it will not rain so we must close racing for tomorrow.  If you live close and want to come down and practice feel free to do so.  Tim Gray will also be at the Kyova mall running indoor for those who want to get their racing fix in.  This winter we will be upgrading our onroad track, so for those of you who have never raced onroad you should definitely think about getting into it.  The mall is an excellent facility to race during the winter.


2013 King Of The HillBillies Winners Circle (full race results in results section)



Make sure to mark your calendars for one of TCRC's most fun races of the year!     



TCRC has lost its most significant member this past week.  The grandfather of TCRC, Bob Hatfield went to be with the Lord on 5/13/2013.  Bob was a great person and never knew a stranger.  He would stop whatever he was doing to help anybody with anything they needed.  He was the poster child of the guy in the pits that would do anything to get you back out there on the track if you had issues.  Racing this past Saturday was over shadowed by the announcement; the racers pushed on, but with heavy hearts.  Bob had a wonderful wife that also went to the Lord in 2008.  Since then we dedicated one of our bigger races in honor of her, Bob will also be added to that list.  The 2013 WV State Race will hold the banner of Bob & Ann Hatfield memorial.  Keep Bob's family in your prayers and we will see you at the track.     



TCRC would like to extend a free test and tune weekend (4/27/2013) prior to the 1st official race of the season (5/4/2013).  The test will be a very relaxed day so be prepared for a lot of practice and evaluation of the track.  To emphasize the practice time, we will only be running 2 heats and the mains.  Remember, races start at 1 PM this year so get to the track early.




Well we had a low turn out this past Sat, but we had some of the closest racing of the year. NASCAR class had Tim Stollings, Tim Gray and John Sword all race for to door but race very clean. In the end Stollings would take the win. Tim Gray 2nd, and John 3rd. M Chassis had Tim Stollings take the win. Tim Gray would slide across the finish line on his side for 2nd and Cory Stollings would be 3rd just .767 sec behind. The SCT we ad Cory Stollings take the win. Stephanie Sword and John Sword would battle for the last two podium spots. With Steph just finishing g ahead of John for 2nd. John in 3rd just .768 sec behind. The Formula 1 class had the Tim's battle hard the entire race. They would swap poisons several times and at one point had one car riding on top of the other. After 7 minutes of hard racing Tim Stollings would take the win. Tim Gray finished 2nd 3 sec behind. With Cory Stollings 3rd. 


The points finished with
NASCAR - John Sword 96 points, Tim Stollings 77 and Tim Gray 74

Legends - Mike Vititoe 115 points, Mike Workman 103 and Bob Hatfield 97

Oval SCT - John Sword 126, Stephan Sword 119 and Paul Simpson 90

M Chassis - Tim Stollings 125, Jaymz Mynes 124, and Tim Gray 118

SCT - John Sword 124, Stephanie Sword 121, andPaul Simpson 90

Formula 1 - Tim Stollings 124, Tim Gray 124, and Cory Stollings 120



Congrats to all the champs. 

We will still be racing in the Mall until the outdoor track is done and we are racing out side. Also we will be in the Mall on Wednesday nights. 

I'll see you at the track,
Tim G 





This past Sat it was great to see a few new faces.
The new and growing pan car class, or as we are calling it "NASCAR" class. Had Tim Stollings take his new RC10L4 to victory. Tim Gray was a close 2nd and John Sword is getting his ride handling better ever week finished 3rd.
The Legend class had a great battle with local Mike Vititoe and visiting racer Weasel from NC. After battling for the full 5 minute main. Weasel would take the win. Mike was right there but on the last lap bobbled and finished a super close 2nd and Brad Parks would finish 3rd.
Oval SCT, we tried something new. We ran a "break out" main. The break out time was 6.2 second lap max. After the first 5 minutes all 5 drivers were with in a lap of one another. After the 7 minute main it would be NC's Weasel taking his second win of the day. Stephanie Sword was a close 2nd and John Sword came in 3rd.
The M chassis class was the Jaymz Mynes show. Jaymz TQ'ed and at the tone of the Amain took off and never looked back. Tim Stollings would try his best to hang with Jaymz, to finish 2nd. Tim Gray would finish 3rd.
SCT road course saw first time indoor racer Wes TQ.  The main we had Weasel take another win to take home to NC. An epic battle for the last 2 podium spots would last the full 7 minutes. At the checkers it would be John Sword 2nd, Stephanie Sword 3rd and Wes 4th. 2nd-4th were all on the same lap. It was a great race with everyone playing nice and showing good sportsmanship.
The Formula 1 class Tim Gray would take the win. Tim Stollings 2nd and Cory Stollings 3rd. 

This Sat will be our last scheduled indoor race of the summer. We will have the track set up all year, so if it rains on a Sat we will run inside. Stay tuned to the forums and website for up dates. Also if I have enough people wanting to run on Wed's, I'll open up the track and maybe figure out how to run a race or two. 

We will be working on the outdoor track soon please keep an eye on the website and the forums for updates. 

Thanks to all the racers and to all that helped with the new indoor track in the Mall. For only being opened for 6 weeks we had great support and some awesome racing. Next fall we will have carpet and the track will be bigger for even more fun.  





We had our biggest race day so far in only our 4th official race.  With 28 cars signed up and a few new faces, fun was had by all, old and new. 





NASCAR class we had stand in driver Jaymz Mynes and John Sword battle to the end. With Jaymz pulling out the win and John coming in 2nd.


Legends we had the TQ Mike Workman and Bob Hatfield show again. After 5 minutes Mike would take the win with Bob 2nd and Mike Vititoe 3rd.


SCT Oval class John Sword would TQ and win the class again. With Stephanie Sword starting to close the gap on her dad coming in 2nd. Paul Simpson who is starting to get his truck and driving hooked up finishing in 3rd.


Mini Off-Road we had TQ Cory Stollings take the win with new comer Walker Wiley coming in 2nd and Jeremy Sword 3rd.


The M Chassis class saw TQ Jaymz Mynes jump out front and lead the 7 minute main. Tim Gray would start out in 2nd but a lose kingpin and mistakes let Cory Stollings by to take 2nd. Tim Gray would finish 3rd.


SCT had a great battle. TQ Stephanie Sword would battle her dad John Sword for the whole 7 minutes. John and Stephanie put on a great show.  They had the whole room cheering them on.  Stephanie Sword would take her very first A main win. Stephanie is becoming very good racer in a very short period of time. John would come home a very close 2nd and Paul Simpson came in a nice 3rd.


Formula 1 had TQ Tim Gray jump out front and lead the way. The battle for 2nd between Brad Parks and Cory Stollings would last 7 minutes. Brad and Cory swapped positions back and forth. At the buzzer it would be Tim Gray taking the win with Cory Stollings in 2nd and Brad Parks, 8 seconds behind in 3rd.


I would also like to say thanks to Jerry Middleton, Austin Middleton and Jerry Henson for coming down and running their Mini Late Models. They had a good time as everyone loved seeing those Mini Late Models race around the track. I know there are a few people looking to get into that class now. Thanks for putting on a great show guys.


Till next time, I'll see you at the track, Tim G.






We have 2 more weeks into TCRC's new indoor track racing. March 16th, we had 21 cars signed up and racing in 6 classes.  With close heat races the mains looked to be fun to watch. 


In the new pan car class or NASCAR as we are calling it it was TQ Tim Gray running up front with John Sword running a close 2nd. John has some mechanical issues about half way in. Tim took the win with John taking 2nd.


In the Legend class, it was TQ Mike Workman taking an early lead with Bob Hatfield right on his tail.  Running almost identical lap times it looked to be a great race.  Unfortunately for Bob, lapped traffic would be his down fall. After 5 minutes of hard running it was Mike with the win, Bob taking 2nd, and Mike Vititoe coming in 3rd.


Oval SCT, we had TQ John Sword jumping out front followed by Stephanie Sword and Paul Simpson. After 7 minutes of running they would finish that way.


Mini Off-Road it would be Jeremy Sword taking the win followed by Cory Stollings in 2nd, and John Sword JR in 3rd.


The M Chassis class saw some very close racing.  At the tone it would be TQ Tim Stollings taking the lead followed by Jaymz Mynes and Tim Gray. Stollings would make a mistake allowing both Jaymz and Tim Gray by. Jaymz would make a small mistake to let Gray take the lead.  Tim Gray would then have mechanical problems and have to take his car off the track.  That put Jaymz back up front with Tim Stollings a close 2nd. But Jaymz would not be denied and would take the win. Tim Stollings would come home in 2nd and Tim Gray would limp home in 3rd.


The SCT Class saw a great race between father and daughter. TQ John Sword and his daughter Stephanie Sword would race the 7 min main running on the same lap. Stephanie would lead the first half of the race, but a roll over let her dad John squeak by. John would go on to win with Stephanie taking a close 2nd and Paul Simpson taking 3rd


The Formula 1 class would see TQ Tim Stollings take the lead and never look back.  The battle was for 2nd between Tim Gray and Brad Parks.  Brad was in second with Tim right behind. With just 30 seconds left Tim Gray tucked to the inside of the sweeper to take second. After the 7 minute battle it would be Tim Stollings taking the win with Tim Gray in 2nd and Brad Parks in 3rd


I want to thank all the racers and spectators for making TCRC's newest track a great success.


Till next time, I'll see you at the track.

Tim G.



Well this past Sat was our second official race at TCRC's new indoor track in the Kyova Mall. The race action has been nothing but spectacular.

The Legend Class has some old faces returning in the first weekend of racing.  Bob Hatfield, who I believe is 83 years young. (If I'm wrong I do apologize). Plus Mike Vititoe and Brad Parks are back in action. With new comer to the

class running a "rent a ride" Mike Workman. Week one had and Bob and Mike W. running neck and neck all night. In the main Bob and Mike W. would swap almost every lap, while racing VERY clean.  At about the 3 minute mark, Bob would get caught in lapped traffic and that was all Mike W. needed. Mike Workman would take the first ever A Main win in the Mall. Bob came in 2nd, Brad 3rd.

Weekend #2 saw a carbon copy of week one, with Bob and Mike W. putting on one heck of a driving clinic. With up to 30 spectators watching thru the windows Bob and Mike W. had everyone watching. But Bob couldn't make it thru some lapped traffic and Mike W. takes the win again. Bob 2nd, Mike V. 3rd.
We have been trying out 1cell lipo batteries in the Legend class and so far there is no advantage to either the old packs or the lipo's, other then run time.

The Oval SCT Class is full of all new faces. Which is not only good for indoor but makes this outdoor season look good too. Week one the SCT class was a fun class to watch. Tim Jordan won 2 of the 3 heat races and set TQ. I want to give Stephanie Sword a shout out. She won the second heat race and that was just her 2nd ever race. It's great to see a girl not only racing but having a great time. In the main it was John Sword and Tim J. Setting the pace. With John S. would lead for the first 6 min. But a few mistakes let Tim J. By with just a minute to go.  Once Tim J. Was in the lead he never looked back. Tim Jordan 1st, John Sword 2nd, Stephanie Sword 3rd.
  Week #2 had the whole Sword race team, with John, Stephanie and Jeremy. We also had a brand new face Paul Simpson join us for his first ever race. The main had John jump out quick and never look back. Second place had a real battle going on between Stephanie and Paul. The two battled back and forth for the first half of the race until Paul's servo saver failed. So John Sword 1st, Stephanie Sword 2nd and Paul 3rd.

The M Chassis Class had all the big hitters from last year back. Week one we had Tim Stollings, Jaymz Mynes, Tim Gray all running the same laps. Tim Stollings would Take TQ. The Main Tim S. took off with Jaymz and Tim G. Right behind him. But after 7 minutes if hard racing no one could keep up with Tim S who took the win. Jaymz 2nd and Tim G. 3rd.
  Week #2 we had 3 different heat race winners. Tim Stollings, Cory Stollings, and TQ, Jaymz Mynes. The main was a close one, but after 7 minutes it was Tim S. taking the win with Cory 2nd and Jaymz 3rd.

SCT road course has the same names from oval. Week one we had Tim Jordan win all 3 heat races with Stephanie Sword taking 2nd in all 3. The main Tim J. lead from the tone and take the win. After a bad start John Sword would work his way up and finish 2nd. Stephanie put in a very solid race and finished 3rd.
  Week #2 John Sword would win 2 heat races and take TQ. Winning her first race in heat #2 was Stephanie Sword. The main we had Dad versus Daughter. John lead the whole race but Stephanie was always right there to strike if he made a mistake. With just a few laps to go and everyone cheering her on she had a chance to take her dad out as he tried to put her a lap down. But being the lady she is she let him by. So John Sword takes the win, with Stephanie Sword 2 nd and brand new to racing Paul with a stripped out servo arm 3rd.

Formula 1 Class.  The new kid on the block. Talk about a fun class. These cars handle and shoot out of corners just like their full size brothers. Tim Stollings would take TQ.  Once the main started it was Cory Stollings taking the win. Tim Stollings 2nd and Tim Gray 3rd
  Week #2 Tim Gray would TQ. The main had the top 3 drivers all poised to take the win. But it would be Cory Stollings working his way up from a third place start to take the win. With Tim Gray 2nd and Tim Stollings 3rd.

I want to thank everyone who has helped make TCRC's newest track possible and for putting so much work into it. I look for a very bright future ahead for TCRC in the Kyova Mall.




 2013 Off Road Schedule Posted





 Onroad race results now available, checkout the results section.